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 1918  MINO CERAMIC CO., LTD. was established at Mizunami-shi,
 Gifu prefecture.
 Started production of refractory bricks and acid resistant bricks

 1919  Started production of chinaware
 1937  Started operation of Kamezaki Plant
 1942  Merged Central Silica Refractories CO., LTD. and
 started operation of Yokkaichi Plant
 1949  Listed on the Nagoya Stock Exchange
 1953  Established Bishu Kosan CO., LTD.
 1958  Established engineering department and started design and
 installation of industrial furnaces
 1960  Split the chinaware production department and
 established MINO PORCELAIN CO., LTD.
 1970  Established a JV company, G.S.CERAMICS CO.,LTD in Thailand
 1977  Established a JV company, REFRACTORIES CORPORATION OF
 THE PHILIPPINES in the Philippines
 1991  Increased capital to 877 million yen
 2000  Developed ECOS series, chrome-free bricks for cement
 rotary kilns
 2001  Received The Ceramic Society of Japan’s Technology Award
 for our chrome-free refractories for cement rotary kilns
 2002  Received ISO9001 Certification of Quality Management System
 2004  Received The Ministry of the Environment’s ECO Action 21
 Certification for Evironmental Management Systems
 2006  Selected as “One of 300 Active Industrial Companies” by
 The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency of Japan
 2007  Received the Japan Manufacturing Grand Award from The
 Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry for advances in high
 temperature shuttle kilns for large-sized advanced ceramics
 2008  Developed technology for detoxifying asbestos
 2014  Merged MINO PORCELAIN CO., LTD. and

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