Our Path


With technology refined over 100 years
For the next 100 years

Began manufacturing and selling refractories in 1918 as Mino Ceramics Co. In the 100 years since then, we have contributed to the development of society by refining our unique and diverse technologies with ceramics as the source.
For the next 100 years, we will continue to provide high-quality, high-performance products and technologies that meet the needs of our customers and enhance our corporate value in order to contribute even more to the global society.



We strive to innovate new and unparalleled technologies.
We pledge to provide valuable products and services that contribute to the advancement of the industrial sector.
We dedicate ourselves to growing our business enterprises in a sustainable, eco-friendly manner for the mutual benefit of our clients and the societies they serve.


Delivering the highest quality is our greatest service.



Products and Services

Refractories and Ceramics

In addition to refractories, which have been highly evaluated by cement and other industries, we are also working on the development and manufacture of ceramics in new fields by adding our originality and advanced technology based on the technology we have cultivated in the manufacture of conventional products, aiming at a model change to the refractories and ceramics business. In addition to our reliable and proven refractories, we will supply ceramic products that meet new needs by making full use of advanced technologies with an eye to the future.

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Ceramics Engineering and Construction

Since its establishment in 1958, the CECD has been manufacturing and selling fully automated systems and production control monitoring systems for ceramic, tile, refractories, carbon, glass, steel, metal, electronic components, fine ceramics, and all other types of furnaces, industrial furnaces, and operation furnaces. In recent years, the company has expanded into automated manufacturing plants for automotive parts, and has also delivered many integrated plants, including general raw material facilities, waste treatment and recycling plants. In the Refractory Engineering division, we are involved in the engineering of furnace materials (design, construction, and after-sales service) in our customers’ industrial and firing furnaces.

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Flooring and Paving Materials

We play a role in urban landscape engineering linked to environmental technology, developing and selling colored road paving materials that bring together the technologies of the Group, and also focusing on selling coated floor materials for construction. In recent years, we have also played a major role in the creation of urban design through the development of environmentally friendly paving materials with functions such as heat shielding, high durability, and quick hardening.

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15 locations nationwide

  1. 1.Head Office
  2. 2.Tokyo Sales Office
  3. 3.Nagoya Sales Office
  4. 4.Kyushu Sales Office
  5. 5.Mizunami Plant
  6. 6.Kamezaki Plant
  7. 7.Yokkaichi Plant
  1. 8.Refractory Engineering Department
  2. 9.Ceramic Engineering and Construction Department
  3. 10.Advanced Ceramics Production Department
  4. 11.Advanced Ceramics Sales Department
  5. 12.Technical Research Laboratory
  6. 13.Material Processing Department
  7. 14.Material Processing Department Production Section (Yamaoka Plant)
  8. 15.Overseas Business Department



Our Strength


Refractories for Cement and Lime Industriy

We specialize in refractories for cement, lime, and environmental plants.
We have the largest share of the domestic market for the cement market.
We can provide refractories that respond to changes in operations in a timely manner, based on our experience and know-how cultivated over many years.


A well-balanced, small and flexible organizational structure

As a medium-sized enterprise, we are able to respond flexibly to our customers requirements. We will propose products and plants that match the application and scale. We provide tailormade product for those who are considering refractories, ceramics, and plants.


Providing refractories,kiln furniture to burners

As a refractory manufacturer, we have developed from refractory manufacturing technology to manufacture and selling furnace materials and burners, which are indispensable for manufacturing refractories, as well as kiln furniture for use in furnaces.

mino's data

MINO in figures

  • Employees


  • Revenue

    14.1billion yen

  • Operating Profit

    1.3billion yen


Actual results for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2024