MINO’s Policy: Delivering the highest quality is our greatest service.

代表取締役社長 太田滋俊 の写真

Ever since our establishment in 1918, MINO CERAMIC CO., LTD. has been providing high quality products and services to a wide variety of industries ranging from porcelain to the cement and steel industries. Our company has always strived to be at the forefront of innovative ceramic technology and to render goods and services according to our company philosophy “Delivering the highest quality is our greatest service.” We expanded our business field in an endeavor to supply products and services to both meet our customers’ needs, and contribute to the development of Japanese heavy industry.

MINO CERAMIC currently has three major business areas: refractories, ceramic engineering and construction, and flooring and paving materials. The refractories section mainly produces refractories for the cement and waste treatment industries. The ceramic engineering and construction section focuses on the design and installation of various industrial furnaces, and is an offshoot of our refractories manufacturing technology. The flooring and paving materials section creates materials for nonslip and colored paving, as well as floor coating materials for industrial plants. In addition to these three core businesses, we manufacture advanced ceramics, and procure, process, and sell various kinds of ceramic materials. MINO CERAMIC is a proprietary corporate group conducting business in a wide range of related fields based on our ceramics technology and know-how.

We will continue to innovate and expand our businesses into the future utilizing our technological development, production capacity, and human resources. We aim to become an advanced global ceramics provider offering a superb line of products, while continuing to grow our ceramic engineering and construction, and flooring and paving materials enterprises. MINO CERAMIC is deeply committed to expanding our businesses in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner, and simultaneously meet the evolving needs of both our domestic and international customers.

Shigetoshi Ohta