Code of Conduct

The MINO CERAMIC group code of conduct sets forth our standard of business comportment that all of our directors, officers, and employees must honor. Our management acknowledges their vital role in implementing this code and ensuring that our employees adhere to it. We also ensure that our clients are aware of our code of conduct. If our company or our clients believe that one of our employees has acted out of accordance with our business practices, management will examine the case, and if inappropriate, take immediate remedial measures. If such an incident took place, our management would accept unequivocal responsibility, disclose information to the public in a timely manner, and carry out strong disciplinary and corrective measures.

  1. 1. Compliance with the law

    We fully comply with Japanese and international law and embrace fair business practices.

  2. 2. Continual improvement for maximum customer satisfaction

    We strive to continually improve our customer service and products in order to nurture our clients’ trust.

  3. 3. Fair and accurate accounting

    We insist on strict compliance to all tax laws and related regulations, process our accounts clearly, and disclose our financial reports in a timely manner.

  4. 4. Environmental protection

    We recognize that environmental protection is an important business priority and we endeavor to preserve and safeguard the natural environment.

  5. 5. Respect for the uniqueness of individuals

    We appreciate the individual personalities of our employees, and have created a constructive and non-threatening workplace.

  6. 6. Information management

    We pledge to keep all information and data related to our clients absolutely confidential. In addition, we pledge to promptly disclose any information about our company or its endeavors that is relevant to the public interest.

  7. 7. Living in harmony with the local community

    We believe that our company should bring benefits to society. We are especially committed to living in friendship with local communities and contributing to them.