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We produced a series of advanced ceramic products, including kiln furniture resistant to rapid firing, and boron carbide ceramics in collaboration with The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology. MINO CERAMIC also enjoys a strong reputation for its kiln furniture in the secondary battery and fuel cell industries. In addition, our oxide and non-oxide ceramics are attracting attention in the aviation, space, and nuclear industries.

Kiln Furniture 
Our kiln furniture has powerful resistance to heat shock and effectively prevent heat loss.

Oxide Ceramics 
By thinking outside of conventional concepts, we have developed oxide ceramics sought by many emerging industries.
Non-oxide Ceramics 
We propagate new applications for non-oxide ceramics by employing our original manufacturing technologies.

Kiln Furniture
Our kiln furniture has been well received by the electronic parts, glass, semiconductor, secondary battery, and fuel cell industries because of their advantages such as strong resistance to rapid firing and capability to distribute heat more evenly.

Advanced Ceramics
The electronics industry and other new technical fields have utilized our advanced ceramics. We have pioneered new emerging fields as well as achieved maximum cost reduction by using innovative methods of production.

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